Carmina Burana

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Carmina Burana

1.  O Fortuna
2.  Fortunae plango vulnera
3.  Veris laeta facies
4.  Omnia sol temperata
5.  Ecce gratum
6.   Tanz - (instrumental)
7.  Floret silva nobilis
8.  Chramer, gip die varwe mir
9.  Swaz hie gat umbe
10.Were diu werlt alle min
11. Aestuans interius
12. Olim lacus colueram
13. Ego sum abbas
14. In taberna quando sumus
15. Amor volat undique
16. Dies, nox, et omnia
17. Stetit puella
18. Circa mea pectora
19. Si puer cum puella
20. Veni, veni, venias
21. In trutina
22. Tempus est iocundum
23. Dulcissime
24. Ave formosissima


A combination of two songs. The first stanza is a dancing song for girls and uses an old trick of expressing a wish which is exactly the opposite of what one really wants. The idea behind this odd practice is that some higher power (Luck, Fortune, or something of the sort) controls our everyday lives and, being totally perverse, always effects the opposite of what a person states his wish to be. Stanzas two and three form a love song. Middle High German.


Swaz hie gat umbe,
daz sint allez megede,
die wellent an man
alle disen sumer gan.

Chume, chum, geselle min,
ih enbite harte din,
ih enbite harte din,
chume, chum, geselle min.

Suozer rosenvarwer munt,
chum unde mache mich gesunt,
chum unde mache mich gesunt,
suozer rosenvarwer munt.

Those who dance around here are all girls who wish to spend all this summer without men.

Come, come, my beloved, I am awaiting you with desire, I am awaiting you with desire, come, come, my beloved.

Sweet mouth, the colour of roses, come and make me well, come and make me well, sweet mouth, the colour of roses.