Carmina Burana

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Carmina Burana

1.  O Fortuna
2.  Fortunae plango vulnera
3.  Veris laeta facies
4.  Omnia sol temperata
5.  Ecce gratum
6.   Tanz - (instrumental)
7.  Floret silva nobilis
8.  Chramer, gip die varwe mir
9.  Swaz hie gat umbe
10.Were diu werlt alle min
11. Aestuans interius
12. Olim lacus colueram
13. Ego sum abbas
14. In taberna quando sumus
15. Amor volat undique
16. Dies, nox, et omnia
17. Stetit puella
18. Circa mea pectora
19. Si puer cum puella
20. Veni, veni, venias
21. In trutina
22. Tempus est iocundum
23. Dulcissime
24. Ave formosissima


A love song


Omnia Sol temperat
purus et subtilis;
novo mundo reserat
facies Aprilis,
ad amorem properat
animus herilis,
et iocundis imperat
deus puerilis.

Rerum tanta novitas
in sollemni Vere
et Veris auctoritas
iubet nos gaudere;
vias praebet solitas;
et in tuo Vere
fides est et probitas
tuum retinere.

Ama me fideliter!
fidem meam nota;
de corde totaliter
et ex mente tota
sum praesentialiter
absens in remota.
Quisquis amat taliter,
volvitur in rota.

The sun, pure and gentle, calms all things; the face of April opens to the new world; the mind of a young man hastens to love, and over men of charm rules the boy god.

So great a renewal of the world in festive Spring and the authority of Spring order us to rejoice; it shows its familiar ways; and in the Spring of your life sincerity and honesty require that you keep him who is yours.

Love me faithfully! Mark my loyalty; completely, in my heart and in my whole mind I am with you though absent in a far place. Whoever loves in this way is turned on the wheel of torture.