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Unit 3

  1. The masters teach the sons of Philip in the fields.

  2. Do the gods of the Romans want gifts as well? (deine=dei+ne)

  3. Do you see the Gauls in the forum with the daughters of Brutus?

  4. O Pompey, where is the danger? Why are you running through the streets?

  5. Do you see the inscription on the tomb, O friends? It is the tomb of a poet (or the poet).

  6. The Carthaginians are now in Italy also, O Romans. Why are you always sitting in the Senate-house?

  7. We see the nose of Tongilianus, we do not deny [it]; but where is Tongilianus?

  8. I was sitting on the tomb of a dead man in the Appian Way and I was reading a story about the Romans in the works of Horace.

  9. Because he is not even in Italy we are giving gifts to the daughters of Philip.

  10. I often used to sit in the tavern and look at the moon because I did not have money.

  11. We were sailing around the islands of Greece but now we are making for (lit. seeking) Rome.

  12. Neither Brutus nor Cassius was in the forum. Perhaps they are walking with a friend.

  13. Anger is the beginning of madness.

  14. Money is the sinews (i.e. essential part) of war.

  15. Leisure causes (lit. leisures give) vices

  16. It is too late to seek advice in danger (lit. dangers).

  17. You are weeping at the tomb of your stepmother (i.e. showing the utmost hypocrisy).

  18. Money has no smell (i.e. money is all the same, even if you get it by shameful means).

  19. The sun [shines] after clouds (i.e. every cloud has a silver lining).

  20. From the egg (i.e. from the very beginning).

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