Revision Exercise for Units 7-9

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1 Give the following forms:

(i) gen. pl. of pater

(ii) dat. s. of canis

(iii) abl. s. of animal

(iv) acc. pl. of iter

(v) gen. pl. of dens

(vi) gen. fem. pl. of ille

(vii) acc. neut. pl. of hic

(viii) dat. neut. pl. of fortis

(ix) dat. s. of cornu

(x) gen. pl. of exercitus.

2 Decline the following phrases in the singular and plural:

ea nobilis urbs, hoc vetus animal, ille acer canis.

3 Conjugate the following:

(i) present indicative active of facio

(ii) future indicative active of capio

(iii) imperfect indicative active of fugio

(iv) pluperfect indicative active of rapio.

4 Translate into Latin:

(i) Caesar, why are you doing that? Why do you not move your camp to a mountain?

(ii) Because you are remaining in Rome my wife will come with me to Athens.

(iii) When we saw a huge bull on the road I seized my mother and fled.

(iv) You have a healthy mind but not a healthy body.

(v) I will not give you my hair because you already have a catapult.

(vi) Wisdom is of great value both at home and abroad.

(vii) She will live at Cumae when she has come to Italy from Athens.

(viii) After Octavianus defeated their army, Brutus and Cassius killed themselves.

(ix) This sad letter came to me today from Rome.

(x) With me he put to flight those forces of the enemy.

(xi) After the battle he will seize the bodies of all the horses and sell them in the forum.

(xii) Because the fierce animals had long horns, we hid ourselves in this building.


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