Revision Exercise for Units 4-6

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1 Give the following forms:

(i) abl. pl. of nauta bonus

(ii) dat. s. of vir tener

(iii) acc. pl. of ager parvus

(iv) gen. pl. of rex malus

(v) dat. pl. of caput magnum

(vi) abl. s. of corpus meum

(vii) gen. s. of lex nostra

(viii) acc. s. of mulier caeca

(ix) acc. pl. of hiems arida

(x) gen. pl. of hospes vester.

2 Decline in the singular and plural:

dux, error, tempus, iter, carmen, homo, salus, pater, ratio.

3 Conjugate the following:

(i) future indicative active of sto, sedeo, peto

(ii) perfect indicative active of do, video, lego, finio

(iii) pluperfect indicative active of vado, relinquo

(iv) future perfect indicative active of cado, gero, deleo.

4 Translate into Latin:

(i) In autumn. For ten years. Within ten years. Tomorrow. With the rough farmer. In the great town. From the learned woman.

(ii) Davus is not your slave, O Cassius. He will not carry your arms to the forum.

(iii) Because the Gauls destroyed the Roman town they will be punished.

(iv) Caecilianus was a man of much jest but he always used to dine with a large boar.

(v) Did you see the lofty horse, O Trojans? Where are the Greeks?

(vi) If you conquer the Germans we will give ten elephants.

(vii) It is not characteristic of Romans to sit and cry when they see blood-stained bodies.

(viii) After we came to Asia with the consul our friends pointed out the temples of the barbarians.

(ix) Because he had finished his journey to Spain he gave thanks to Venus.

(x) Although you were not in Greece for a long time you saw many things.


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