Revision Exercise for Units 1-3

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Rev. Key 1-3

1 Give the following forms:

(i) dat. pl. of agricola

(ii) gen. s. of femina

(iii) acc. pl. of fluvius

(iv) nom. pl. of initium

(v) dat. s. of nasus

(vi) gen. pl. of deus

(vii) acc. s. of poeta

(viii) abl. pl. of filia

(ix) dat. s. of ager

(x) voc. s. of puer.

2 Decline in the singular and plural:

magister, inimicus, sepulchrum, pecunia, dea.

3 Conjugate the following:

(i) present indicative active of monstro, video, peto

(ii) imperfect indicative active of do, sedeo, lego, audio.

4 Give the present infinitive active of:

vado, navigo, relinquo, sto.

5 Translate into Latin:

Where you cannot tell from the context whether an English second person pronoun is singular or plural (e.g. vi) assume that it is singular.

(i) In the flame. With the poet. In front of the temples. Into the tomb. Both Gaul and Italy. Among the Romans. Through the rivers. Near the Senate-house.

(ii) Where were you walking, O Romans? Are you in danger?

(iii) The women were looking at the stars but the sailors were sitting in the forum.

(iv) Today I am walking across the fields with Brutus.

(v) I was sitting at Pompey's house and telling a story to the girls.

(vi) Were you standing in front of the temple when I was reading in the forum?

(vii) They used to sail not only to Greece but also to Asia.

(viii) Were you giving gifts to Cassius because he did not have money?

(ix) I often sit in the Appian Way and read the inscriptions of the tombs.

(x) O Cassius, I am not stirring up the inhabitants of Spain. They are always fighting with the Carthaginians.


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