Revision Exercise for Units 25-27

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1 Scan lines 1 -8 of the passage given at 18.3 (the lines are elegiac couplets); mark the caesura and diaeresis where appropriate:

2 Parse the following (as in revision exercises on units 13-15):

(i) fatus est

(ii) coepissetis

(iii) ait

(iv) nequeunt

(v) odere

(vi) esse

(vii) gavisae eramus

(viii) relinquier

(ix) meminero

(x) ausit.

3 Translate into Latin:

(i) Try to be happy.

(ii) She was often said to be evil.

(iii) He is afraid that his son may not return.

(iv) I doubt if I can go to Gaul in order to help Labienus.

(v) It ought not to be doubted that Vergil is the greatest poet.

(vi) He hindered me from speaking.

(vii) It happened that the Gauls attacked the Romans' camp.

(viii) They did not hinder her from buying a horse.

(ix) The fact that you are sick disturbs me.

(x) There is no-one who does not think that Cicero is wise.

(xi) There is no doubt that he was afraid to fight with the Germans.

(xii) I will not prevent you (pl.) from hearng Caesar.

4 Translate the following and define the use of the accusative or genitive in each:

(i) avidus cibi (ii) vir transfixus pectus (iii) tua ipsius soror (iv) horas multas manere (v) ruptor pacis (vi) murus quinque pedum (vii) O puellam pulchram! (viii) vitam vivere (ix) toga Bruti (x) satis verborum (xi) mons auri (xii) incommoda belli (xiii) quattuor vestrum (xiv) murus altus quinque pedes (xv) virtus bonitatis.

5 Translate into Latin with a phrase involving a genitive and define what use is involved:

(i) fear of dying (ii) too little prudence (iii) nothing new (iv) a boy five years old (v) a man greedy for money (vi) a reward of gold (vii) the word 'virtue' (viii) a poem by Vergil (ix) a girl remembering her father (x) a very wise woman.

List of words:

accidit, avidus, debeo, dubito, dubius, filius, impedio, laetus, malus, memor, metuo, metus, morior, parum, perturbo, poeta, praemium, prohibeo, prudentia, saepe, sapiens, timeo, verbum, vereor, virtus.

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