Revision Exercise for Units 22-24

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1 Scan tines 1-4, 13-15 of the passage given at 23.2, 12 (the lines are hexameters).

2 Translate into English:

(i) Si hoc fecisses, non venissem.

(ii) Si hoc fecisses, tibi irascerer.

(iii) Si hoc faceres, tibi irascerer.

(iv) Si hoc facias, tibi irascar.

(v) Si hoc fecisti, tibi irascor.

(vi) Si hoc feceris, tibi irascar.

What is the difference between irascar in (iv) and in (vi)?

3 Translate into Latin:

(i) I wish I could do that!

(ii) Let him go now!

(iii) May the gods help us!

(iv) What am I to say?

(v) I would prefer to see the emperor.

(vi) He should not say that.

(vii) If you had been in Athens, you would have seen that statue.

(viii) If you were in Athens now, you would see that statue.

(ix) If you are in Athens, you will see that statue.

(x) If you were to go to Athens, you would see that statue.

Define the type of subjunctive used in your translations of (i) to (vi).

4 Parse the following (in each case giving the longer form):

debellassent, delerant, lacrimasse, cupissem, cognorant.

5 Translate into Latin:

(i) Are you coming with me?

(ii) You are coming with me, aren't you?

(iii) You aren't coming with me, are you?

(iv) A. Will you come with me? B. No.

(v) A. Used you to live in Athens? B. Yes.

(vi) I do not know why you did that.

(vii) I did not know why you had done that.

(viii) I do not know if you will do that.

(ix) I am inclined to think you have done that.

(x) Will you go to Athens or come with Cicero to Gaul?

(xi) Are you saying these things to me or not?

(xii) It is uncertain whether Vergil wrote these poems or not.

List of words:

carmen, habito, incertus, iuvo, nescio, scio, scribo, statua.

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