Revision Exercise for Units 19-21

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Rev. Key 19-21

1 Give the comparative and superlative of:

malus, incertus, facile, multus, brevis, aeger, parvus, bene, audax, graviter.

2 Translate into Latin:

More gold. As swiftly as possible. All the best citizens. More kings. We resist the enemy. I remember the woman. We did not harm Cicero. You are angry with me. I lack money. You are using the horses. It pleases me to say this. You should not do this (use oportet). We pity you. We were tired of Baiae. You will regret that. They used to be allowed to go to Sicily. It concerns me that you (pl.) are not well. They fought for five hours (use passive construction). Tell me this! Do not hear him! The middle of the city. The bottom of the sea.

3 Translate into Latin, using (a) impero, (b) iubeo or veto:

(i) He ordered me to come to Rome.

(ii) Caesar used to order his soldiers to fight bravely.

(iii) We ordered Cicero not to say many things.

(iv) The consul will order you (pl.) to fight against the Germans.

(v) The Senate orders you not to believe Brutus.

4 Give the passive imperatives (singular and plural) of:

iungo, teneo, iacio, non fallo, incito.

5 Give the active imperatives (singular and plural) of:

premo, remaneo, praefero, non ludo, fugio.

6 Translate into Latin:

(i) That man is certainly braver and more suitable than you.

(ii) That bull of yours is extremely fierce and must be killed tomorrow.

(iii) It is necessary that soldiers obey their leaders.

(iv) Go away from the city at once and bear this letter to the cavalry.

(v) Caesar ordered the sailors not to use the ships

(vi) I shall persuade them not to leave me here alone.

(vii) The journey was so long that he encouraged his soldiers to buy horses.

(viii) It does not concern me that Caesar has been elected consul.

(ix) Do not spare the bad men who tried to overturn the state.

(x) Cicero was persuaded that the Germans had crossed the Rhine.

(xi) We forgive the soldier who broke our chariot.

(xìi) I want to believe Cassandra but the things she says are too foolish to be believed.

List of words:

abeo, aurum, bonum, celer, certe, civis, cras, credo, creo, currus, egeo, eo, equitatus, everto, facio, fero, ferox, fortis, fortiter, frango, hora, hortor, idoneus, ignosco, imus, irascor, iter, iuvat, licet, longus, mare, medius, memini, miseret, mulier, necesse, noceo, oportet, paenitet, parco, pareo, pecunia, persuadeo, plus, pugno, refert, resisto, solus, taedet, taurus, transeo, utor, valeo, volo.

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