Revision Exercise for Units 28-30

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Rev. Key 28-30

1 Translate the following and define the use of the dative or ablative in each:

(i) servus mihi fidelis
(ii) metu nos liberavit
(iii) tribus horis Baias venire potestis
(iv) pater ei moritur
(v) villa lacte et caseo abundat
(vi) bellum terra et mari gessit
(vii) hoc tibi muneri mitto
(viii) is fortunatus esse sibi videtur
(ix) vir patre claro natus
(x) magna difficultate Gallos vicimus
(xi) togam consuli auferam
(xii) Catullo Lesbia pulcherrima erat
(xiii) fecisti haec mihi
(xiv) illud vobis non dicendum erat
(xv) sunt mihi quinque equi
(xvi) fratre minor natu sum
(xvii) sagitta saucius
(xviii) pede saucius
(xix) avertendae deum irae victimam cecidi
(xx) multo graviora tulisti.

2 Translate the following, firstly with the subordinate verb in the indicative, and then with it in the subjunctive. In each case explain the difference between the two:

(i) Eam amavit quod uxor erat/esset.

(ii) Domi mansi donec Brutus rediit/rediret.

(iii) Milites in Galliam misimus qui Germanos compresserunt/comprimerent.

(iv) Multi sunt qui pecuniam tuam eripiunt/eripiant.

(v) Peccavisse mihi videor qui a te discessi/ discesserim.

3 Translate into Latin using the words indicated:

(i) While I was in Rome I swam in the river (dum).

(ii) While I was in Rome I did not see your sister (dum).

(iii) Although I was in Rome I did not see your brother (licet or quamvis)

(iv) Although I was sick I delivered a speech in the Senate (quamquam).

(v) Provided I am in Rome I shall try to see you (dum).

(vi) He went to Greece on the grounds he wanted to buy books.

(vii) Even if I were to see Brutus I would not say a word to him.

(viii) He said he would come to the Senate because he wanted to hear Cicero.

(ix) Before you go I shall drink wine with you.

(x) As long as I was fighting against the Spaniards I used never to sleep well.

(xi) I was walking with Seneca on the Capitol until the emperor came.

(xii) There are as many chariots in the Appian Way today as there were yesterday (tot...quot).

(xiii) I am not the man I used to be (talis...qualis).

(xiv) You must read as many books as you have (tot...quot).

(xv) Your letters were such as I wished (talis ... qualis).

(xvi) You are running as if ten Gauls were pursuing you.

(xvii) The more money I have, the more books I buy.

(xviii) What a big mouth you have!

(xix) He received as much money from his friends as he had given them (tantus ...quantus).

(xx) Whenever I sail to Asia I fear I may be killed (quotiens . . . totiens).

List of words:

accipio, bene, bibo, Caesar (emperor), dormio, fluvius, frater, heri, Hispani, hodie, nato, orationem habeo (deliver a apeech), os, persequor, soror, vinum.

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