Revision Exercise for Units 13-15

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1 Using the format:

regerentur 3rd pl. impf. subj. pass. of rego rule

amari pres. inf. pass. of amo love

parse the following (as deponents can only be passive in form, and sum, volo, nolo, malo, fio can only be active in form, it is not necessary to state the voice with such verbs):

(i) cepissem

(ii) mittatur

(iii) mori

(iv) fertur

(v) eant

(vi) ducti sumus

(vii) loquerer

(viii) fateri

(ix) profectus sit

(x) mavult

(xi) fieret

(xii) imperaverim.

2 Give the following forms:

(i) 3rd pl. pres. subj. act. of relinquo

(ii) 1st s. fut. ind. of volo (wish)

(iii) 2nd s. impf. subj. of sum

(iv) 3rd pl. plpf. subj. pass. of monstro

(v) perf. inf. act. of ago

(vi) 3rd s. plpf. subj. act. of timeo

(vii) 1st s. perf. subj. act. of rapio

(viii) 2nd pl. fut. ind. pass. of iacio

(ix) 1st pl. plpf. ind. pass. of facio

(x) 2nd s. impf. ind. pass. of celo

(xi) perf. inf. pass. of devoro

(xii) 3rd s. impf. ind. of possum

(xiii) 3rd pl. pres. ind. of fio

(xiv) 1st s. impf. subj. of nolo

(xv) 2nd s. pres. subj. of volo (wish)

(xvi) 3rd pl. pres. subj. of malo.

3 Give the passive forms corresponding to the following active ones:

rogem, putavisset, muniebat, faceret, aedificabit, paravimus, rexeratis, accepi, mactarem, regere.

4 Translate into Latin:

(i) They were able to send envoys to Rome to ask for peace.

(ii) Caesar's wife preferred to stay at home.

(iii) So that the city may be safe, soldiers are being placed near the gates.

(iv) After ten years Troy was captured by the Greeks.

(v) The weary soldiers were unable to march thirty miles to Athens to follow Caesar by ship.

(vi) Because the leader of the Gauls did not have a sword, he could not defend himself and was soon killed.

(vii) The king built a wall eighty feet high so that he would be able to see the enemy's ships.

(viii) As the sun was setting the moon arose.

(ix) After the bridge had been destroyed the army tried to advance but was not able.

(x) In order that the Gauls might not kill the captives, Caesar set out with his whole army.

(xi) That general was in command of five legions.

(xii) The consul will never become mad if his wife now prefers to stay at Baiae.

List of words:

altus, cado, conor, consul, contendo, defendo, domus, dux, exercitus, fessus, gladius, imperator, insanus, legatus, legio, luna, maneo, mitto, mox, navis, numquam, orior, passus, pes, pono, pons, porta, praesum, proficiscor, progredior, rex, sequor, sol, tutus, uxor.

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