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Unit 5

  1. Outside the town there is a tavern.

  2. There students always drink much wine in autumn.

  3. They do not read books in the library.

  4. O stupid students, why do you sit under the shade of the cypress and drink wine?

  5. Why do you not listen to the excellent master?

  6. The master's anger will be great when he comes here.

  7. As he has always said, it is necessary to read Latin books.

  8. If you toil for many hours you will learn the Latin language.

  9. O excellent master, to err is human.

  10. We were in the tavern but we were not drinking much wine.

  11. We did not have money because we had bought Latin books.

  12. When you used to tell stories about the girls of Gaul our joy was great.

  13. Afterwards, when we were walking in the street, a sailor ran up and said, 'Beautiful girls have come from Gaul and are living in the tavern.'

  14. Therefore we hastened to the tavern but when we arrived we did not see a girl (lit. saw no girl).

  15. With great sorrow we went out from the tavern and now we are waiting for your words.

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