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  1. The authority of Caesar among the Gauls was of great value.

  2. They value greatly neither the sanctity of the gods nor divine powers.

  3. An eagle does not catch flies.

  4. An elephant does not catch a mouse.

  5. I am holding a wolf by the ears.

  6. You are going through fire.

  7. Gifts wins both people and gods.

  8. Ulysses was not handsome but he was eloquent. (Ovid, Ars Amatoria, II, 123; on Ovid see 18.3)

  9. Compliance wins (lit. produces) friends, truth hatred.

  10. Clothes make a man.

  11. The gifts of enemies are not gifts.

  12. You have given over a sheep to a wolf.

  13. A gladiator takes counsel in the arena (i.e. he must decide in the arena how he is to fight; he cannot plan in advance).

  14. Necessity is the mother of skills.

  15. He does not know the difference between his head and his groin (i.e. is without discrimination in matters of sex).

  16. God provides blessings of his own accord.

  17. A stomach does not have ears (i.e. when a stomach is hungry it will not listen to arguments or pleas that it should not have food immediately).

  18. A woman's eye is a barb for young men.

  19. People everywhere value virtue highly.

  20. It is [the characteristic] of a good shepherd to shear an animal, not to strip off its skin.

  21. A snake lurks in grass.

  22. The end crowns a work (i.e. applies the finishing touches which make something more attractive or effective).

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