Key to Extra Reading: Units 2 - 7

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Extra Reading Key 8-15

Extra Reading 2-7

  1. You are teaching an eagle to fly (i.e. you are teaching your grandmother to suck eggs).

  2. You are weaving a rope from sand.

  3. You are watering the fields of others.

  4. You are telling a story to a deaf man.

  5. You are instructing a learned man.

  6. A blind man is making a judgement on colour.

  7. He is digging a well beside a river.

  8. You are putting out a fire with oil.

  9. You are giving chaff to a dog and bones to an ass.

  10. You are pouring water into the sea.

  11. You are anointing a corpse with unguent.

  12. You are counting the waves.

  13. You are ploughing the shore.

  14. You are flogging a corpse.

  15. You are tilling the winds.

  16. You are decorating a pot.

  17. You are using a lamp in sunlight (lit. sun).

  18. You are teaching a dolphin to swim.

  19. You are weaving the webs of spiders.

  20. You are making an elephant out of a fly.

  21. Evil ravens [produce] an evil egg (i.e. bad people produce bad offspring).

  22. An evil plant (i.e. a weed) grows quickly.

  23. Harmony between (lit. of) beauty and chastity is rare.

  24. Dead men do not bite

  25. Prosperity has many friends.

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